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Training in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry      



Our graduates pastor churches, start primary schools, work to develop  their communities and cooperate with others churches,  pastors and elders for the good of their region.   


Since 2006 Nexus Seminary has been training rural Ugandan pastors in a 20 course certificate program.  We have Bible courses, practical courses and cultivate working together with other Christians. We help pastors and church elders deepen their call to ministry and elevate their skills to succeed.  This training enables men and women to study properly, rightly divide the scriptures and lead others with confidence. 


We accept students who were not able to complete a full secondary school education,

but who are highly motivated to learn what they need to be spiritual leaders. 


Rev. Alan G. Howe    M Div.,   International Director of Development




Classes range from 8 to 45 in attendance.  Classes meet in churches centrally located in a region to educate the pastors in their context without having to leave home for long periods of time.  Usually two days per month for 2 years.

Nexus Seminary


Uganda, East Africa

The Adventure Begins

Nexus Seminary is a combined effort of Ugandan pastors, their churches and leaders from the US to lift the education level of Ugandan church leadership. Rev. Davis Matovu, an Alpha Omega Seminary Graduate, along with other trained seminary graduates and tutors teach a series of 20 courses. Pastors and church leaders receive the education they need to properly lead their churches.  Rev. Alan Howe, Rev. Dr. B J Norrix and other friends from the US come to teach, encourage and help resource these students.  It is a great partnership in which we all grow in our faith and practice.